According to the definition in China’s “11th Five-Year Plan,” circular economy is based on the principle of “reduction, recycling, and recirculation.” The core of circular economy is to increase resource use and the stress of it is placed on resource conservation, comprehensive use of resources, and clean production. By means of structure adjustment, technology advancement, and strengthened management, circular economy will be able to reduce resource consumption, decrease waste discharge, enhance the efficiency of resource production, and prompt energy use to switch from the linear pattern of “resource-product-waste” to the circular pattern of “resource-product-waste-reclaimed resource.” The goal is to use as little resource and environmental cost as possible to realize the sustainability of economic society. Circular is a way of economic growth that can make the social economic system and the natural ecological system coexist harmoniously.

We effectively recycle the waste cutting fluid produced by the solar power industry and dry and solidify the filtered silicon sludge, making it production auxiliary materials that can be used by the iron and steel industry. We have successfully realized the ultimate vision of the environmental protection industry, “Cradle to Cradle: The Green Economy.” All of the company’s materials can be recycled and reused and we guarantee that no industrial waste will be produced during the process. It is our promise to help the solar power industry to transform into a more environmental-friendly and greener industry.

Recycle and reuse cutting oil produced by wafer-related industries such as the semiconductor industry and solar power industry with the means of the most economic benefits and employ the most effective manufacturing processes to maintain the most components to make cutting oil reusable additive, helping our customers to strengthen their competitiveness in processing and manufacturing.

Silicon wafer cutting fluid recovery system