Solution ready package for intelligent manufacturing factory

For the global trend of Industry 4.0, Abontech self-developed smart data collection monitoring system for equipment is no programming and plug & play system product widely suitable for your factory automation.



  • 企業級資料傳遞
    - Rendezvous
  • 大數據分析工具
    - Spotfire
  • 企業系統整合
    - BusinessWorks

Advantech PAC SECS


  • Embedded SECS PAC
  • Fast automatically convert sensors input signal to SECS message.
  • 2 Messages/Sec
  • 2nd SECS port optional.

Abon SECS Tools


  • Simplify EAP programming
    - Easy-to-use SECS interface.
  • Support different platforms
    - Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX
  • Suitable for two major programming languages
    - Java version
    - .NET version
  • Excellent performance
    - up to 40 data transmissions per second
  • Suitable for different kind of systems
    - EAP, equipment controller, embedded toolbox, MCS, etc.

SECS Gateway


  • No programming but by configuration for SECS messages transmission.
  • Not only support more than 200 brands and types of PLC but also Suitable for PC base controller.
  • Support remote command, event report, data collection and alarm report
  • SECS/GEM compliant.

HSMS Gateway


  • RS-232/SECS-1 to Ethernet/HSMS
  • Fast on-line by configuration



  • Data collection and storage from equipment and facility.
  • Real-time monitoring and alarm.
  • Data collection from PLC/PAC of equipment by configuration and convert to SECS messages.
  • Fast on-line by configuration, no programming.
  • Provide SPC control chart and status of equipment
    - Individual X, MR, MA, MS
  • SPC rules
    - Western Electric Rules
    - Nelson Rules

Abon MCS


  • Platform independent
    - Running on Linux, HP-UX and Solaris.
  • Comprehensive features
    - Dynamic routing, rich reports.
  • High performance and high reliability
    - HA architecture, health detection.
  • Flexibility
    - Runtime version upgrade, scale out.